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Career Planning in Year 13

By Upper Sixth, the majority of the pupils' careers preparation is spent finalising applications for jobs, apprenticeships, or universities.

There are a range of opportunities for pupils to practice important skills that they will need as they finalise their choices for the future, including interview practice and personal statement reviews.

Mock Speed Interviews with Employers

At the beginning of Michaelmas term we hold our annual Mock Speed Interviews for Year 13 pupils. Top employers from all over the country give their time to put the pupils through their paces. Each student participates in three 15-minute interviews. The evening provides participants with:

  • Experience of an authentic interview situation
  • Practice of answering interview questions
  • Opportunity to develop confidence
  • Practice and honing of their skills and abilities

Employers are selected from our alumni network including former Old Warwickians who have had successful careers in engineering, law, medicine, armed services, science, business, and many more industries. Warwick pupils engage with top employers and discover what it takes to be successful in the world of work.

Interviewers assess the pupils on their verbal and non-verbal behaviour - for example, are they suitably dressed? How did they address the questions asked? Were they coherent and confident? The interviewer then provides constructive feedback.

Ongoing support is always available

Year 13s continually receive support for their university or world of work applications, with dedicated one-to-one appointments available from a variety of the Sixth Form team.

We encourage Year 13 pupils to attend as many of the Encounters lectures as possible, engaging with inspiring visiting speakers, asking questions and even attending an informal dinner at school with the speakers afterwards, where suitable. We impress upon all pupils that they will reap the benefits from investing time and focus on the incredible opportunities available at Warwick School, and this is truer than ever in Year 13.