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Johnny Wang OW

Johnny Wang

What are your fondest memories of being at Warwick School? 

This is quite a difficult question to sum up in words and to have them listed out. I have spent 5 splendid years between 2004 to 2009 at Warwick School and have met many great people and teachers during the time, who now continue being great friends of mine after graduation. Being a boarder and spending technically 24 hours a day at the school is something that is still special to me.  

Warwick School provided a platform for me to be independent at quite a young age, the school and the boarding house have provided the much-needed support for me to adapt to the change of lifestyle and language. I had a smooth transition and everyone at school played an important and welcoming role in that. One thing I am certain of is that all the classmates and teachers I have met shaped who I am these days, they have helped develop my personality and find interests in daily life, and even had a steer of my career choice.  
Being a boarder also allow one to admire the school better, as we can proudly call it Home, and I believe this is an attachment unique to the boarders. You often hear funny stories about the boarding house from the housemaster, on how the previous boys spent their time there, and you will then imagine how your legacy can play a part of the history in times to come; after all, the boarding house has a very long history and is an irreplaceable part of the school. Being a school prefect and chapel warden for the boarding house is also seen as some of the fondest memories and achievements of my time at the school.  

Where and what did you study after leaving Warwick? What did you enjoy about it/give you?  

After graduating in 2009, I went on to study at The University of Edinburgh for my Part 1 Architectural degree, and subsequently at the Royal College of Art for my Part 2 Architectural study, both are very established institutes and I feel immensely proud to have studied and graduated from them.  

What is your current role? 

I am currently a registered and Chartered Architect in the UK. 

Has your career had any unexpected or unusual twists? 

I don’t think there are any unexpected or unusual twists on my career to date, albeit it took me longer being a registered Architect than I first anticipated before starting the course. I stuck to what I believe is right for me and continue pursuing my interest in designing buildings as my professional career. 

Have you been involved in any other interesting activities/occupations since leaving school?

During my second and third year in Edinburgh, I took a part-time job on Saturday, giving and teaching young kids art lessons at a Chinese Grammar school. That was a very valuable time in which I was able to transfer my knowledge and skillset to the next generation.     

How has your time at Warwick helped you in your career?  

Warwick School is the place where I have developed my interest in Architecture, and I still remember very well the perspective drawing lesson and technique taught by the late Mr Ward. Studying Art and Design & Technology throughout my AS and A-Level also helped me develop the presentation skills required, both verbally and in a documentation format, and it also provide a platform for hands-on and crafty work that later become paramount in my Architecture Studies.  

Did any one person at Warwick have a positive influence on you and/or your career aspirations? 

I don’t think I can select any one person at school as I think at a different time of my education, a different member of staff played their influential role in my life and career, and I appreciate all the opportunities, helps and support from the teachers and technicians during all those years.   

Are there any other defining points in your career/life post Warwick that you could share? 

I think I am still quite young for this kind of question, maybe I can answer this again in the future.  

Are you still in touch with other OWs and if so, do you get together? 

I am still in contact with other OWs, mostly boarders whom I have spent 4-5 years with, and we do occasionally get together in London and Hong Kong for meals. 

What advice would you give to your teenage self? 

Stick with what interests you and give your full energy and attention to it, do not regret it, and accept all the challenges in front of you, you can overcome any hurdle step by step. Stay positive, be kind and always show appreciation to all people and things that you come across, they are all important and will shape who you are in the future.