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'Brain Day' at Warwick School

Last week the Psychology Department welcomed Neuroscientist Dr Guy Sutton, Professor at Nottingham University Medical School, for ‘Brain Day’. Upper Sixth Psychologists were inspired by a full day of lectures exploring the brain at a more undergraduate level, going beyond the specification of A-level study.

Topics included: how brain tumours can be a direct cause of criminal behaviour, how different drugs effect neural activity, and the future of cutting-edge brain research and technology. Also raised were the ethical concerns surrounding brain computer interfacing chips, which news this week has reported implanting in humans as early as 2022.



Students were privileged to witness a live dissection of a sheep brain, allowing their learning in the classroom to be brought to life. They were able to see and hold specific structures like the pineal gland and the hypothalamus. The day showcased the far-reaching impacts of Psychology and Neuroscience and its relevance to many unsuspecting aspects of life.



We look forward to welcoming Dr Sutton to Warwick School again in the future.