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Foundation Pupils Fundraise to Buy Warwick District Foodbank a Van

Seven schools in the Warwickshire area - Warwick Senior School, Warwick Junior School, King's High School, The Kingsley School, Milverton Primary School, Warwick Preparatory School, and Westgate Primary School - have collaborated to support the Warwick District Foodbank.

The Warwick District Foodbank provide critical support to those struggling in our local area, which is more important than ever given the worsening cost of living crisis. When Warwick School pupils spoke to people who work at the charity, a big limitation of their work can be the fact that they operate out of different locations each day, which means that food often has to be left for a week in one of their distribution hubs, resulting in these supplies not reaching the people who need them. This led to the idea to fundraise to buy the Foodbank a van, so that they can move this food between their warehouse and hubs more easily.

Under the leadership of the current Head of School at Warwick School, Joshua Turner, fundraising efforts from pupils, parents, and the wider school communities have led to over £9,000 of donations. This has now successfully been put towards the purchase of a modern electric van to collect donations. From Christmas jumper non-uniform days to donut sales, the schools have been humbled by the generosity of their communities and the spirit of togetherness shown from all involved across all schools. 

'It was great to have a chance to thank everyone for all of their contributions to this project; 2022 showed just how generous everyone in the Warwick Community is prepared to be, and it is brilliant to have achieved such a tangible demonstration of this generosity, that we look forward to seeing around the town! This initiative went beyond the Foundation, though, with support from the Warwick Rotary Club, as well as Milverton and Westgate Primary Schools. I think it is clear what a difference can be made when everyone comes together with the same purpose, and I really hope that this sets a precedent for more county-wide projects like this in the future.' - Joshua Turner, Head of School, Warwick School.

'Mission accomplished - the schools were able to raise £9,000 and along with other charitable fundraising by Warwick District Foodbank, were able to purchase a modern electric van was purchased which will now be used to support the local community. We are hugely proud of the pupils involved and thank all of our school community for their generous contributions.' - Noel Tapper-Gray, Head of Careers and Volunteering at Warwick School.

"Warwick District foodbank is delighted to receive the fundraising from Warwick Schools Foundation which my Board of Trustees were happy to match fund, thereby enabling us to jointly purchase a newer electric vehicle. We are extremely grateful for all the efforts and hard work done by Head of School, Joshua Turner for leading this superb initiative and getting the participation of the other schools. The van will make a huge difference in our work given the volume of deliveries we are now doing to our Distribution Centres as a result in the increase in demand from clients visiting the foodbank' - Andy Bower, Operations Manager, Warwick District Foodbank