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Outstanding Orchestral Experiences for All Ages ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Part of the beauty of exceptional music lies within its ability to be enjoyed by all ages. We have been unwaveringly proud to have seen exactly that at Warwick Schools Foundation this month; throughout October, we have had the pleasure of welcoming pupils and adults to our Warwick site to engage with orchestral experiences.

For some, these experiences may have represented their first ever engagement with orchestral experiences, while for others, a continuation of their adoration for high-level music-making.

Warwick Junior School – Orchestral Outreach with Coten End Primary School

On Friday, 6 October, some of the boys and staff from Warwick Junior School Orchestra welcomed the whole of Year 1 from Coten End Primary School. The purpose of the session was to introduce the Coten End pupils to the orchestral families, and the instruments within in each of those groups.

Our boys also demonstrated their musical talent as some of the top players from the orchestra demonstrated how their instruments sound, and then helped the Year 1 children to ‘have a go’ at some of the instruments and to actually see them close up!

We are true believers in the importance of providing pupils with exposure to music-making opportunities as early as possible; it is in these early stages that music can make the most impact. As a result, we are delighted that our Junior School boys demonstrated their talent and passion for their orchestral instruments, and equally that the pupils from Coten End enjoyed their first experience with orchestral music on what was a fantastic day.

A huge thank you to all the orchestra boys that took part and to Mr Tibbitts, Miss Hooker and Mrs Herbert who looked after the different sections throughout the day.

‘Neoclassic’ Open Rehearsals

On Thursday, 12 October, we warmly welcomed pupils from the local area as they attended an open rehearsal of the Orchestra of the Swan ‘Neoclassic’ concert that commenced later that evening at Warwick Hall.

In total, over 150 external pupils from Evergreen School, Westgate School and Coten End Primary School attended the open rehearsal; being given a unique opportunity to watch a professional chamber orchestra perform alongside the hugely talented classical guitarist Xuefei Yang.

All of the pupils involved thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we are hugely proud to have facilities, such as Warwick Hall, that allow us to host opportunities such as these for both Foundation and external pupils.

‘Neoclassic’ Concert

Later that evening, at the ‘Neoclassic’ concert, Orchestra of the Swan’s professional chamber orchestra - alongside soloist Xuefei Yang and conductor Michael Collins - produced a hugely impressive performance at Warwick Hall in front of a bumper crowd.

The principle concierto - Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuz – was performed alongside well-known symphonies such as Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony, as Collins, Yang and The Orchestra worked together in perfect harmony to produce a cacophony of musical excellence.

The evening also saw Foundation music ensembles perform before and during the interval of the concert; their talent was clear to see, and their performances only acted to enhance the experience for those who attended. Without doubt, they should be truly proud of themselves - as we are.

For the audience at Warwick Hall, including many of our Foundation music scholars, it was a truly excellent display of music-making, and a fantastic evening.

To make sure that you don’t miss out on the next concert on Thursday, 8 February, book your tickets through the Bridge House Theatre Box Office.

And, if you missed it - Orchestra of the Swan, in partnership with Warwick Schools Foundation and Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull Music Hubs, launched the Swan Youth Orchestra for music pupils aged 11-18 working at Grade 6 and above (with ensemble experience).