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Year 9 explore 'Power' in academic essay competition

‘Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.’ 

When we set the challenge to the Year 9s to write an essay in response to the theme of power, it was notable how many turned to psychology, politics and sociology to explore ideas of power as something eminently corruptible.

Many of the pupils responded to what they had witnessed in social media and explored it through a range of disciplinary lenses. Many also responded to power in terms of energy and we were impressed by their commitment to powering the world in an environmentally-conscious manner. We also enjoyed reading essays on mathematical and chemical powers where pupils had gone beyond the syllabus to explore their own interests. It was difficult to judge the winners. We applaud them all for their bravery in tackling the topic and their enthusiasm for intelligent, critical research. We hope that you enjoy them too. 

Kimberley Wyatt (Senior Deputy Head)
Laura DeVouge-Bernards (Head Librarian)