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A Fantastic Opportunity for Performance Support Pathway Pupils

Over the last few weeks the Year 12 and 13 boys involved in the school’s Performance Support Pathway have had the exciting opportunity to work with Gazing Performance, helping them to develop their mental skills so that they can perform at their best when they need it most.

Gazing work with people of all ages and backgrounds, from high-powered CEOs to coaches and players involved at the highest levels of sport, and it has been a privilege to have such a world-renowned performance company in school to support the development of some of our aspiring athletes.

The boys have received a series of seminars providing them with the opportunity to learn Gazing’s ‘Red2Blue’ techniques, which teach anyone who has to deal with the pressures of performance environments, how to achieve control over how they think, react and perform. They have had the opportunity to further develop the structures, mindset and practical mental skills which can aid them in the stressful, high performance environments in which they compete. 

Many thanks to Alejandro Arguelles Bullon and Ian Cochrane for the high-quality sessions which they have delivered. Many of the boys involved have commented on how (even after only the first session) they were already able to implement some of the tools which they had been given to help maintain their calmness, clarity and control of attention in competitive sporting battles.

For more information about Gazing, please visit their website at

Mr Hesketh | Head of Athlete Performance, Games & Geography Teacher