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Alex smashes Endurance 60 hike

On Saturday, 4 March, I took part in an event called Endurance 60, which was a 60km hike around Buckinghamshire. I set off at 8.00am, hoping to be done at 11.00pm. However, we finished at 2.30am after walking for 18 hours and 7 extra kilometres (we prefer to say we took the scenic route).

It was really challenging (but also bizarrely quite fun) and I am pleased to report that we not only completed it but also that my feet are still almost in one piece with only a few blisters. I had a group of five friends to entertain me (we still went mad around the 1.00am mark), and made many great memories with them. The best part was reaching the top of the tallest hill, and seeing the lights at night in the surrounding area, and I struggled most when we realised we had just walked an extra 7km, and morale was very low.

For anyone wishing to do something like this for themselves, my best advice would be to bring as many blister plasters as your bag can handle, and change socks regularly – it was a lifesaver.

This was an amazing opportunity to raise money for Samaritans, who have been very helpful here in school recently, so I wanted to give back to them as a sign of thanks. It was a rewarding thing to do for a great cause and I am very glad that we pushed on and completed the challenge. I hope to raise as much money as possible for this great charity, and any kind donations from you would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the link to donate:

Thank you!

Alex, Year 11