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British Science Week at Warwick

This week saw the return of British Science Week at Warwick. Monday began with a paper aeroplane competition. Pupils were given a single sheet and had to throw as far as possible. There were some innovative designs, with some interesting flying styles. It was a good turnout and the furthest travelled 19.3 metres!

Monday also started off with a periodic table puzzle. Pupils had to trawl the school to decipher a code made from elements. The winning student was Gregory from 7T who sent the emailed the final winning message of ‘I won!’

Throughout the week each tutor group took part in the house science quiz. A great effort from each team and interesting questions raised. All the results from each year are now being added together to give a grand total.

Wednesday gave the pupils a chance to see some cool chemistry demos. Mr Ward demonstrated the effects of decomposing hydrogen peroxide whilst Mr Etheridge set a few thermite reactions alight. Thank you, Mr Ward, for your help, the pupils really enjoyed the show and the talk!

Friday finished the week off with the Kings and Warwick Science fair. There was a wide range of engaging, interactive projects including a hydraulic arm and rugby tackling and a wind tunnel.

Results are being added up and the winners will be revealed next week. Thank you to those who helped and contributed. See you again in 12 months!