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Food For Thought

Warwick School and the Warwick Schools Foundation prides itself on the production of healthily and wholesome meals all produced by our extremely talented in house catering teams. 

Our mission is to ensure no pupil goes hungry and we are always happy to work closely with any pupils with specific dietary needs, whether that is gluten free, vegan, halal or in some cases just preferring a plain meal offer. 

We are always looking at how we can develop our food offering and keep it on trend with professional industry standards and expectations. Our head of Food Operation - John Badr, and Executive head chef Bernie Enghaldrt regularly meet with the Warwick School Catering Committee. The committee is made up of pupils from all year groups and headed up by a prefect, Atticus. It’s a fantastic group of engaged and excited pupils that has prompted real change. The feedback we receive allows us to adjust our menus and our production to ensure that all pupils are having a healthy balanced diet.

Since the begging of the academic year with the support of the catering committee the following changes have been made to the Warwick's school catering offer: 

  • Pupils have been encouraged to ask for bigger portions of carbohydrate and vegetables if they are feeling hungry - this enables us to help reduce food waste and protect our planet by not overloading plates 
  • Revised sandwich filling options to make sure there are more firm favourites that appeal to all year groups  
  • Half portions at tuck shop (where appropriate) 
  • Better selection of vegetarian and vegan options
  • Change of menu wording to be more inclusive
  • New state of the art juice machines dispensing sugar free flavoured water
  • Themed menus that pupils are involved with choosing and decorating dining room
  • The pupils also recently help to serve breakfast at the Macmillian Big Breakfast event

And we're not done yet! We will continue to provide updates and improvements to our services, so watch this space for more catering news in the future.