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GCSE Result Success at Warwick School

Following a period of study unlike any other, Year 11 pupils at Warwick School are celebrating exceptional GCSE results and looking forward to the next stage of their education journey in the Sixth Form.

Incredible success was achieved in a diverse range of subjects with 75.9% of pupils achieving A*/A (9/8-7), and 54% of pupils achieving A*(9/8).

As the first public examinations sat in two years, this year’s fantastic results are a testament to the hard work and diligence our pupils have displayed throughout their studies at Warwick School.

Head Master, Mr James Barker, commented, “This is another exceptionally strong set of GSCE results and I offer my congratulations to all those pupils who have worked so hard for this success. Our pupils have excelled in the full breadth of GCSE subjects, from maths and sciences to arts and humanities. Alongside overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic on their studies, it has to also be remembered that these academic results are reached alongside stunning co-curricular achievements in music, drama and sport. I am very proud of our pupils, and of the teachers who have done so much to support them.”

Mr Richard Nicholson, Principal of Warwick Schools Foundation, commented: “I could not be more proud of the Foundation’s GCSE pupils. They studiously applied themselves with such focus and fortitude, paying dividends with such outstanding results. I hope that they and their families are truly proud of their achievements, and that this positivity is taken forward as they are now exceptionally well prepared for the next stage of their education.”