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Junior and Lower School Art Exhibition

With Covid taking our annual ‘young local artists’ exhibition online, the junior and senior school decided to put on our own exhibition.

The exhibition is currently on display in the Warwick Hall and has work from all four Junior School year groups and the younger boys in the Senior School. The exhibition shows the breadth, quality and diversity of the work and projects the boys in Key Stage 2 and 3 get to experience as they progress through the school.

The work the boys have produced that is on show is great, and it is enhanced by the way it is shown and the space that it is shown in. This is a great opportunity for boys to experience their work being on display, but it is also a great chance for boys to visit and be inspired by their peers.

I would urge all boys and parents to take the opportunity to visit the exhibition and I hope that many will be inspired by what they see, it reminds me that no matter what age an individual is their ability to create and be creative knows no limit.

Mr O Herringshaw | Head of Art, Warwick Junior School