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Meet Our New Warwick School Prefects

Our new Head of School, Chair of Pupil Voice, Chair of Integration and Wellbeing and Head of Logistics for 2022/23 introduce themselves and share their vision for their new roles as Senior Prefects. 

Josh T: "I am delighted to be introducing myself to you as the new Head of School at Warwick. I am very proud of our school; I started here in the first year of the Junior School and I have taken every chance to enjoy so many of the activities that are on offer here. Highlights include everything from Kung Fu in Year Three to a pre-Covid trip to the War Graves of Northern France. More recently, I have become involved in fundraising projects, which again have been really rewarding. I am a Humanities student, and hope to read English Literature at university. The Sixth Form has brought more exciting opportunities, and I have been involved in Young Enterprise, as well attending many of Mr Jefferies’ great Encounters series, and earning the Mulley Mastery half tie. I feel very lucky to have been able to enjoy all of these experiences over the last ten years, and I relish the opportunity to give something back to our school."

Ben B: "I am really excited to be given this opportunity to represent and give voice to your opinions, thoughts and ideas about Warwick School, as the new Chair of Pupil Voice. 

I feel humbled to have received so many of the pupil and teacher votes, and it makes me even more determined to faithfully and democratically take forward their perspectives, both positive and negative, to enhance our experiences and build a strong and committed community. I am a scholar, play for the rugby 1st XV and have represented Worcester Warriors at academy level. Not only am I a passionate rugby player, but I love music; I play piano at grade 6. I also have a keen interest in Law, based on my beliefs of equality and justice. In this role, I plan to represent and support every student to have their voice heard. I aim to make studying at Warwick School as enjoyable as possible for everyone whilst encouraging as many people as possible to achieve their goals. I will confidently take forward new initiatives which will be discussed and debated at our weekly meetings. As the Chair, I want everyone to have the opportunity to play an active role in our school and the wider community."

Cameron C: "Hello all, my name is Cameron and I have been at Warwick School since September. Since joining, I have found myself engrossed by all the opportunities offered outside the classroom and how school became so much more than just lessons. In terms of the lessons, I admire how hard pupils push each other to improve, and the expertise teachers can provide. One of my major achievements this year was playing in all the 1st XV rugby games, something I learned a great deal from. Some of the skills I developed such as leadership and teamwork are something I’m excited to use next year to bring us some real success in the season but also in my other considerable achievement this year: being allocated Senior Prefect Head of Logistics. I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the current systems in place and am able to improve efficiency and maximise output. I am also passionate about encouraging more of the amazing opportunities Warwick offers and aim to be a role model to younger pupils, helping them get the most out of the special experience Warwick offers. 

Will C: "I am very excited to be the new Chair of Integration and Wellbeing at Warwick. I am grateful to all who voted for me and for my final selection by the Head Master. With this role, I will work with other members of the prefect body to highlight issues in our school community regarding the equality and welfare of individuals whilst also endeavouring to alleviate these issues. 

I have been a part of Warwick School since year 5, when I joined the Junior School. It has been a time full of challenges and enjoyment. Some of my main hobbies at Warwick have included playing guitar in a rock band, playing rugby and more recently attending the brilliant Friday evening Encounters Series.

Well done to all the Lower Sixth boys who have been granted Prefect roles:

House Captains

Max B (Brooke)
Oliver J (Guy)
Toby A (Greville)
Cian G (Leicester)
Harry W (Oken)
Joseph L (Tudor)

Duty Prefects

James M
Frazer V
Killian A
Edward P
Jacob Y

Paul C (Chapel Prefect)
Christopher L (Head of House)
Alexander L (Deputy Head of House)




Taha E (Anti-Racism)
Samuel L (Anti-Bullying)
Toby H (Mental Health)
Daniel M (Gender Equality)
Alex D (Diversity - LGBTQ+ and Disability)
Henry U (Green Team)
Atticus W (Catering)
Nathan T (Charities)
Joshua D (Teaching & Learning)
Tom B (Sixth Form)

Year 7 Peer Supporters

Kenzo W, Freddie An (Brooke)
Rajan H, Sam J (Guy)
Francis B, Noah M (Greville)
Rodrigo A, Louis M (Leicester)
George T, Methusan J (Oken)
Will R, Arunjeet B (Tudor)