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Mr & Mrs Venter Bid Farewell to Way House

Since August 2017, Mr Venter and I have had the huge privilege of being the boarding house parents for Way House. For those of you who are not sure of the set-up of boarding, Way House is the younger boarding house where the Year 9 and 10 boarders reside. Today is sadly our last day living at Way House; we decided it’s time for us to depart as I now step back into a teaching position and hopefully inspire the next generation of British Acupuncture students. We will be handing over our Way House keys to Mr Broadley and Miss Lowe who we believe will do a fantastic job.

We wanted to take this opportunity to say farewell to the many boys we’ve seen come through Wayhouse, we are so proud of each of them and honoured to have been part of their Warwick School journey. A very big thank you to the boy’s parents who have trusted us to look after their sons, the majority are living thousands of miles away and this has been the biggest privilege of all. We would like to thank the many boarding buddies and their parents who have taken the time to bring the boarders into the school and local community. Finally, a thank you to all the staff from all different departments who over the years have assisted and helped in so many ways. Our five-year journey has been a rollercoaster, but we can happily say we’ve had more positives than negatives on this ride, even during the height of the pandemic. We have many fond memories of our time in the house that we will cherish forever.

A special thank-you needs to be made to Dr Hodskinson and Mrs Mehta who are our co-pilots in the small Wayhouse team. What a team we have been this past year, and we know they will keep flying the Wayhouse flag with pride, along with all the staff in the boarding house team. It’s our time to depart, but we know the boys will continue flourishing under the care of Warwick school and follow their dreams. Also, don’t worry, Mr Venter will be back in the PE Office after half-term, but he’s going to have to get used to commuting more than a few feet across the Junior school playground!

I wish you all the very best.

Mrs Michelle Venter