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PSHEE Careers at Warwick School

On Tuesday, 22 November, Warwick School Careers Department delivered Personal Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) careers to our Year 9 cohort.  

They say, ‘timing is everything’ and the rationale for delivering careers PSHEE in November is for four reasons: 

  1. Year 9 (GCSE Options) Parents’ Evening will be taking place Thursday, 1 December 
  2. The cohort will be shortly selecting their GCSE subjects to study for the next two years 
  3. GCSEs that students take are likely to influence subject selection when it comes time to choose A-Levels  
  4. The earlier you begin career planning the more beneficial it is to make successful career decisions 

Year 9 PSHEE Day involved the delivery of five workshops, which included the topics below: 

What is Unifrog:

A one-stop online, impartial educational platform that helps pupils to make the best choices. In Year 9, pupils can take personality and interest quizzes to ascertain what they like and dislike. 

Recognising and Building Personal Skills:

Focuses on identifying personal attributes and how to adapt them in the workplace.  

Career Planning:

Helps pupils to develop their understanding of what it takes to plan a career using mind mapping and what they will need to include in a career plan.  


Concentrates on finance with a stock market game, followed by social and moral dilemmas about the use of money and concludes with an overview of ethical investing and how to do this.  

GCSE Options:

The workshop informs the pupils and raises their awareness regarding the especially important decisions they will have to make along with their parents regarding GCSE subject selection.  

Supporting the five workshops, we were delighted to be able to welcome guest speaker, Ms. Orla Harper, the Senior Development Manager at InvestIN Education. They delivered a presentation to Year 9 on the following topics: 

  • Understanding today’s job market and its impact 
  • Identifying what you are good at and enjoy in a career context 
  • Think about careers and industries in career clusters  
  • Next steps for thinking about future career. 

Delivering PSHEE careers to Year 9 pupils is just the start of a journey for Warwick pupils to open their minds, identify their talents, and discover what is possible with the skills and abilities they possess. It is the job of Warwick Careers Department to ensure that Warwick pupils are given the opportunity to maximise their potential. 


Mr Tapper-Gray  | Head of Careers and Volunteering