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Pupil Voice & Wellbeing Report – Michaelmas Term 2022

Michaelmas term has been another hugely successful term for Pupil Voice. A special thank you must go to everyone who’s replied to the Pupil Voice feedback survey, your comments have been distributed to various committees and are actively being reviewed.

The catering team have made a popular move to install new juice machines in the cafeteria; new flavours, lemon and lime, strawberry and watermelon have been a hit. They have also requested a greater variety of halal meats at lunch and are currently looking for a new system to make the tuck shop cash free.

Meanwhile, the Sixth Form committee hosted a quiz on 5 December, involving both years in Sixth Form at King's High and Warwick, a first for the Foundation. It was hugely popular. There were 100 pupils competing, but in a close finish the ‘Quizmas Elves’ reigned victorious. In other news, the Anti-Bullying, and Anti-Racism Committee all ran successful awareness weeks on their relevant topics, with the Mental Health Wellbeing Team planning their own for next term. The Anti-Racism Committee also organised the ‘Show Racism The Red Card Day’ in which donations of £2 were encouraged and pupils were asked to wear red on a non-uniform day. The donations supported the Show The Red Card to Racism charity.

The Eco Team have also been working hard this term to ensure the school maintains an increasingly green status. Last Thursday 1st December the ‘switch off fortnight’ began. The idea of this is to ensure less electricity is wasted from leaving lights on in classrooms not in use. Our diligent Eco Team have been relentlessly checking all form rooms and will continue until the end of term. As tradition, a prize is up for grabs for the best form. Also the team are in talks to release Ecosia, an eco-friendly search engine, across the school. This uses profit from advertising revenue to plant trees. So far Ecosia has planted 159 million trees since its launch in 2009, and is contributing to re-greening deserts and protecting endangered habitats. In addition to this, behind the scenes the LGBTQ+ and Disability Committee have made plans to expand the sources available for helping pupil wellbeing in the holiday. These will be announced in a future assembly.

The Charities Team have continued to make an impact starting with the Sixth Form's ‘Movember’ initiative. 51 people donated to the cause with many growing moustaches for the ‘Movember Europe’ Charity with the chance to win a £10 cafe voucher (see picture above). Also, Mrs Quinn has coordinated the 'Food Bank Friday' competition among houses, which has seen a tremendous amount of donations from all year groups. In further partnership with Warwick District Foodbank the final non uniform day of term combined with a massive donut sale across Foundation and many schools in the local area such as Aylesford and Westgate Primary. Our hope ultimately to buy the Foodbank a van to help them to tackle the cost of living crisis and improve Food bank resources. We have an exciting and busy term ahead, I wish the school and all Pupil Voice members to have a refreshing and well-deserved Christmas break ahead of 2023.

Ben Bell Thorn – Head of Pupil Voice