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Stringfest 2023

On Tuesday, 7 February, over 130 string players from the Junior and Senior Schools came together on stage in Warwick Hall for STRINGFEST 2023. The programme promised an eclectic mix of musical genres, from classical to pop, to film music and folk music, and all were delivered with great conviction and style.

The core senior groups of Chamber Orchestra, Premiere Strings and Debut Strings all gave excellent performances, with Premiere Strings’ rendition of the Jurassic Park theme proving particularly exciting for the Year 3 String Project boys in the audience! Bravo to Anskar and Eugene for their spine-chilling opening solos.

Senior Cellos, fresh from their success at the Pro Corda Chamber Music Festival, gave a sophisticated performance of a slow movement by Handel, featuring an exquisite solo part played by Charlie. At the opposite end of the genre spectrum, our new ‘improv-pop’ group Studio Strings, played their debut gig, putting together a fresh take on Bones by Imagine Dragons, with electric solo lines from Ryan and solid harmonising from Roy.

This was the first year that the Junior School boys were involved, and they certainly earned their place, doing a fantastic job with confident, energetic performances. Dynamo Strings blazed with glory in their triumphant delivery of Main Title from Star Wars, and Rising Strings took to the stage with no notes to play Seven Nation Army, with some great ‘freestyle’ opportunities for the boys.

A huge thank you to the string staff, who all came along to help and support the boys, and even gave them a taste of professional music-making with a rousing rendition of Molly on the Shore.

The concert ended to the sound of Tim Minchin’s Revolting Children, with all of the performers from the evening plus our Year 7 Scheme string players playing together side-by-side. Brilliant, complex solos were delivered by Tom, Francis, Owen, Charlie, Ryan and James, and the decibel levels hit a new record by the final chorus, with the entire Warwick School string army playing as one. Epic.

Congratulations to all who performed!