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Warwick School Gifted Handcrafted Plaque from Ukraine

After we were successful in raising over £10,000 to buy two ambulances to send to Ukraine at the end of last term – thank you again ! – the United Ukraine Fellowship (UUF) has donated a wooden plaque to thank us for our support.

Andrew Velhosh, who has been our contact at the UUF throughout the process, put out a Facebook appeal about a month ago asking if anyone would volunteer to make a model ambulance that he could present to our school. The J.Stanka Ukrainian Art School – in the Lviv region of the country, which the Russian offensive in the west of the country is sadly getting closer and closer to – responded, offering to carve out a plaque instead. Andrew and the Director of the School reworked the design a few times before eventually settling on the final version, which will be on display in the Warwick Hall foyer at Open Day this Friday. This is such a touching display of generosity from people who – despite being mere miles from the Russian invasion of their country – have taken the time to make a really powerful display of gratitude.

The Director wrote ‘good deeds are done quietly, but certain events need to be made public, because they can be a good example to follow.’ I think we can be proud of what we have accomplished here, in helping – just a little – to ease the terrible burden currently on the Ukrainian people. Sadly, this burden is just continuing to increase, and we are already looking at ways that we might be able to help them again in the future.

The front of the plaque (in English) reads: This Plaque is presented by the people of Ukraine in grateful and eternal thanks for the lives saved by the ambulances sent by Warwick School in the Russo-Ukrainian War of 2022.

The back (in Ukrainian) reads: 'A team of teachers, students and graduates of the school worked on the decorative and relief layers:

  • The author of the idea is Oleksiy Zvarych, a teacher of art disciplines at the school
  • The author of the project composition is Vasyl Gevalo, the director of the school
  • The executors of the project are Vasyl Gevalo and Natalia Dyug, a teacher of art disciplines
  • Programming - Andriy Stakhnyk, Deputy Director of the School
  • Technical execution in the material - Myron Gashchuk, CNC operator
  • Handmade - carving - Andriy Kotsun, a graduate of the school in 2006
  • Handmade layer decoration - Nazar Perepelytsia, a third-year student of the school under the guidance of Bohdan Bakalets, a master of industrial training in artistic woodcarving
  • Information support and photos - S Vitlana Plesak, Deputy Director of the school

On behalf of the Ukrainian people, we express our gratitude for the help and donation at such a difficult time for Ukraine. Onwards to victory together!'