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Warwick and King's Host Their First Joint House Event

Following the union of Warwick School and King’s High School on the Myton Road Campus, and KHS transitioning from four to six houses, both schools have established ‘paired houses’ which are able to run joint house activities. 

The following table shows the paired houses across our two schools:

Warwick School King's High School
Greville Austen
Brooke Earhart
Tudor Franklin
Oken Seacole
Guy Tubman
Leycester Yousafzai

 Joint House Assembly – A Quiz, Staff Challenge and Karaoke!

Last Friday, Warwick School and King’s High School hosted their first joint House Competitions. Oken/Seacole and Greville/Austen joined forces for House Assembly to compete in a quiz, staff challenge and sing-a-long.

The buzz, excitement and curiosity was palpable as pupils from both schools entered Warwick Hall, with Oken/Seacole sat together on the right and Greville/Austen mixing on the left. It was great to see pupils socialising across year group’s and schools, wondering what this new event would have in store. The House Captains, who organised and chaired the event, sat on stage alongside pupils from both schools representing each Key Stage, from each respective house, ready to take part in the quiz.

The quiz used a ‘quickest finger on the buzzer’ approach and the brains of Oken/Seacole won the majority of points in the early rounds. In the final rounds, however, Greville’s Rory (Y7) enabled Greville/Austen to get firmly back in the game through some superb knowledge of Geography.

A change in pace was found between quiz rounds when Staff Heads of House had to perform a Malteser Challenge in front of the pupils. The task was to pick up a Malteser by sucking it up a straw and then place it in the winner’s pot in the middle of the stage – the house with the most Maltesers in the winner’s pot after 3 minutes won. Mr Willis (Head of Oken) and Mrs Knight (Head of Seacole) took an early lead but in running back and forth they lost their breath making it difficult to not drop Maltesers on their way to the middle pot! Mr Pierce (Head of Greville) and Mr Reeves (Head of Austen) took a more leisurely approach to the challenge by walking rather than running, a technique which helped them clinch victory!

The final competition involved all the students taking part in a karaoke contest. Everyone stood up, and each joint house team belted out a verse and chorus of ABBA’s Mamma Mia. Despite being closely matched, Greville/Austen were victorious in this.

House Captains Harry W, Toby A, Molly M and Lizzie M tallied up the final scores and announced Greville/Austen as the winners.

Sixth Form Benchball Tournament 

During lunch, King's High hosted a Sixth Form Benchball Tournament between Brooke/Earhart and Leycester/Yousafzai. Teams of up to nine per year, per house were recruited and leapt, ducked, dived, threw and ran around the Sports Hall. The winners of this were Leycester/Yousafzai. Cian G (Head of Leycester) commented, ‘The benchball joint house competition was great fun and offered an exciting glimpse of what is to come with our new exciting partnership with Yousafzai’.

Looking to the future, the remaining houses will take on similar competitions so by the end of the school year every house has taken part in a few events. These events promote our Best of Both Worlds ethos and were great fun to watch and be part of.