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Welcome to Rosa!

Warwick School welcomes its newest recruit Rosa, its very own therapy dog, joining a very select group of schools to embark (no pun intended) on an alternative approach to the welfare of the pupils.

Meg Harper, Head of Counselling at Warwick School says, “As part of our continuing innovative approach to well-being, Warwick School has introduced Rosa, a Portuguese Water Dog, a hypoallergenic dog breed renowned for their friendly and happy disposition, as a therapy dog.
After engaging in an animal assisted therapy training programme, I was convinced that this was the right step forward. A dog introduces a calming and welcoming atmosphere, an ‘ice-breaker’. Almost all boys fidget so stroking Rosa and ‘just being’ with her will provide students with warmth and unconditional comfort, encouraging the opportunity to talk through concerns and difficulties. Her presence is also helpful in exploring a range of different issues.”

Rosa is gradually being integrated into the school community as a working trainee therapy dog. One of the Year 8 forms has offered to help acclimatise Rosa to her new environment by spending some form time allowing her to familiarise with people and the surroundings.