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Chemistry Olympiad Success

A record number of sixth form Chemists from Warwick School participated in the Chemistry Olympiad this year.

This is another high-water mark on their journey to ‘seek higher chemical things’ with a record number of gold medals and total medals!

This is an incredibly tough competition, aimed at the best Upper Sixth (Year 13) Chemistry students, so Warwick are proud that all participating Upper Sixth students achieved a certificate, notably Gold medallist George Holding, narrowly missing entry to the second round.

It is even tougher if you are still in the Lower Sixth (Year 12), and almost half of the Lower Sixth contingent at Warwick who took part can be tremendously proud to have achieved a bronze medal!

Gold: Frank Fan, William Feasey, George Holding, Zak Milstein, Henry Wei

Silver: Leo Hung, Aaron Lawana, Ethan Lau

Bronze : Leo Da Cruz, Maxwell Miao, Karthigan Sabanadesan, Otto Chan (L6), Ethan Evan Cook (L6),
Yaar Safra (L6), Max Bottomley (L6), Callum Brown (L6), Brandon Fong (L6), Anthony Liu (L6), Albert Williams (L6), Edwin Chan (L6), James Goodbourn (L6)                                                    
(L6) denotes Lower Sixth