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Psychology Brain Day

Our Year 12 psychologists from Warwick School and King's High School were treated to a fantastic ‘Brain Day’ led by neuroscientist Dr Guy Sutton - an Honorary Special Lecturer in Neuroscience at University of Nottingham.

The students participated in a sheep brain dissection, learning about how the brain affects our behaviour. For example, the students saw how the olfactory bulbs (used for smelling) enter the hippocampus (important for memory), which explains why certain smells trigger specific memories. Dr Sutton talked about the cutting-edge technology which is being developed that can turn out thoughts into sounds and he predicted that soldiers in the near future will communicate via thought-based technologies. The students also learnt how drugs can biologically affect the brain and lead to potentially life damaging consequences.

The students had a thoroughly enjoyable day, which has given them insight into potential future careers and enriched their psychological knowledge.