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Remote Teaching and Learning in Action

Our buildings may be closed, but we continue unbowed at Warwick School. Hundreds of live lessons have been taught over Microsoft Teams, keeping our young men’s minds active and continuing their learning and development.

However, we also recognise that social interaction is just as important, something that is much trickier to manage within the current climate. Below are just a few examples of ideas that we have introduced using Teams to keep us all healthy and engaged:

  • Active tasks set by the PE Department for form tutors and boys to do together

  • Quiz clubs

  • Role play clubs

  • Debating clubs

  • Book groups

  • Sixth form societies virtual meetings (such as MedSoc)

In a very short space of time Teaching and Learning at Warwick School has adapted dramatically. With everyone now working from home and the majority of pupils learning at home, the school day is quite different.

Mrs Wyatt, Deputy Head Teaching and Learning, has worked tirelessly to set up Teams within Warwick School, and in a remarkably short space of time has taught all staff and pupils how to connect, access and work within it, on top of working in MySchoolPortal.

With over 100 live lessons available on Teams, and more appearing every day, the response has been phenomenal. Our boarders, now back in China and Hong Kong, have also been taking part in live lessons in the morning and watching recorded versions of the afternoon lessons when they wake up the next day.

Thank you to all staff at Warwick School who are doing everything they can to keep the boys connected, working and communicating with one another on a regular basis.