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Year 7 Work in the Community

In May, Mr Thomson launched the Year 7 Work in the Community Award.

Boys were challenged to complete two hours of work in each of the five categories (Helping Around the Home, Helping Your Neighbours, Wildlife Care, Saving the Environment and Helping a Charity), learning new skills and developing key personal attributes whilst doing so. Pupils needed to complete all of the five different sections, 10 hours work in total, to finish the award. They also had to write and submit a description of the task that they chose, and a personal reflection for each task as well. We are delighted that 42 certificates were issued and 25 pupils finished all sections to complete award – congratulations boys!

Tom has embraced the whole challenge and been incredibly busy helping out neighbours, including Mr Pipitone who was Marshal at Warwick School and continues to keep our boys safe in the Junior School car park. Tom has been watering gardens, cleaning cars and drive-ways.




Ptolemy has also been helping around the house and garden. Fantastic work boys!
We are looking forward to seeing more photographs from our Year 7 boys working through their Work in the Community award.