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Virtual Speed Interviewing

After intense organisation, anticipation, and a little trepidation, 67 interviewers and 36 Warwick School Sixth Formers met for the annual ‘Speed Interviewing’ event. This year, however, was very different, as it was held virtually, in the comfort of each person’s home.

With a smorgasbord of experts, teachers, universities and alumni, all possible links to many facets of the professional world were drafted in to provide an informative and encouraging event. The boys were allocated 2 interviews, having indicated their university subject choices and potential job interests, and matched up with professionals with direct or indirect experience.

Each interview lasted 20 minutes with 5 minutes verbal feedback and a formal feedback assessment completed by the interviewer and emailed back to Warwick. The Sixth Formers overall held their own incredibly well, however there were several areas for improvement including; pausing and reflecting on questions, focusing more on achievements outside of the classroom – not just academic, short and sweet answers and looking at the camera, to name but a few.

Those best prepared researched their interviewers beforehand and had their CVs at hand to the delight of their discerning interviewers; others embraced the awkward learning curve of plunging in cold and fought with their backs to the wall under the keen scrutiny of the experts before them.

Many thanks must go to Mr Tapper-Gray and the Careers department for masterminding such a useful and challenging event, which left all with a higher confidence and significantly more acumen than before.