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Industrial Cadets Gold Award

Industrial Cadets Week 2020 (November 23 – 27)

The Engineering Education Scheme, EES, is open to students in Year 12 who have an interest in pursuing an engineering related career. The scheme is run by the Engineering Development Trust, the UK’s leading STE(A)M charity with the remit to tackle the serious shortage of young people entering STE(A)M careers. The scheme partners students with engineering firms to tackle a specific engineering problem.

Warwick School collaborated with RAF Kineton to design and manufacture a servicing stand that would enable a Paveway IV warhead to be serviced. The RAF found problems with their bulky current stand including the inability to continuously rotate the warhead during painting.

Over the 6 months and hours of material research, leading to many CAD designs, the team of Sixth Formers from Warwick successfully designed a more portable stand for the RAF.

Sixth Former Siddharth Sanyal commented, “We were delighted when we assembled our stand for the first time and were able to watch our makeshift bomb rotate. The two extensions out of the nose pockets removed any need for contact between the bomb’s surface and the stand. The full-scale, functioning final prototype was fabricated out of 5mm thick mild steel and 100mm diameter aluminium bar on which the bomb could be fully rotated with ease and with zero surface contact. The stand can be fully disassembled and covers all the specification points highlighted by the MOD.”

The feedback received from the external assessors was excellent and the team were duly awarded their Gold Industrial Cadets Award. Congratulations go to Krishan Umashanker, Gabriel Doe, Richard Yates, Siddharth Sanyal, Tobias Stubbings and Toby Kerr.

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