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EPQ and Cyber EPQ at Warwick

We are delighted to report that this year we have 87 pupils studying for the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) at Warwick.

There is a wide range of subjects including an evaluation of the responses of China and the UK to the COVID crisis, the use of CRISPR as a potential treatment for neoplasia, the feasibility of creating an authentic performance of baroque music and a discussion of whether the films of Andrei Tarkovsky may be considered to be ‘poetic cinema’.

This year six students are signed up for the Cyber EPQ. Alongside the 5000-word essay, the Cyber EPQ includes learning modules in cybersecurity which gain recognition from The Chartered Institute of Information Security.  We are very excited about this initiative as it not only provides a vehicle for remote learning of the highest standard but also, sponsored by Deloitte and supported by businesses and academic institutions, it offers students access to a group of cyber security professionals.