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EPQ Presentations at Warwick

This year, owing to the COVID-19 regulations, we took the reluctant decision to cancel our usual event and conduct the EPQ presentations in a different way.

Pupils were required to design and deliver a ten-minute PowerPoint presentation and answer unprepared questions from a small audience consisting of two EPQ supervisors and two of their peers.

Boys spoke eloquently and with confidence on a wide range of subjects: the low reconviction rate in Norway, the impact of the Stephen Lawrence case on the British judicial system, the fall of the Roman Empire, factors influencing bird-song, cosmetic dentistry and the threat from quantum computing to the U.K.'s cryptographic infrastructure, to name just a few.

There was clear evidence that boys had not only gained mastery of their topics but that they had also acquired and honed a variety of important skills such as referencing, assessing the credibility of resources, time management and project planning. They will take these forward to enhance their future learning at university and in the world of work.