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The Heaton Podcast

A discussion of History and Politics from teachers at Warwick School. We aim to produce a podcast once a fortnight during term time. Topics will tend towards the last 200 years, but we will sometimes go back further into History.

Mr Jefferies and Mr O'Brien have now produced six episodes. To access the full series of The Heaton Podcasts click here.

Podcast #6 Legacy of Empire Week - Kenya

A special episode here as John and I talk to boys and a member of staff about the legacy of the British Empire in Kenya. We learnt a lot in the discussions. 

Podcast #5 Clement Attlee and Britain's Greatest Government

Listen to John and Olly discuss the legacy of Clement Attlee. Widely regarded as the most transformational government in British History, it was also a tough time to be living in Britain. Was it Britain's' Greatest Ever Government'? 

Podcast #4 Gettysburg

John and Olly discuss the pivotal battle of the American Civil War - Gettysburg. Why was there a civil war? Why did Gettysburg happen? Could Pickett's charge have succeeded? And finally, there is an epilogue where you can listen to us discuss the legacy of the Civil War, memory, memorials and statues. 

Podcast #3 Can Labour win the next election?

John Jefferies and Olly O'Brien are joined by Warwick School legend Robert Hudson to discuss his experiences of the 1964 and 1970 general elections. The three of us then discuss if the Labour Party have any hope of winning the next election. 

Podcast #2 Tony Blair's Foreign Policy

We take you through all of Tony Blair's foreign interventions and discuss the one that defines him the most. Iraq.

Podcast #1 Margaret Thatcher

John Jefferies and Olly O'Brien discuss Margaret Thatcher. How important was she? Why was she unique? Is the era of Thatcherism now over?