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The Coral Forest

The Coral Forest - a poem by Kit Prosser

Proud Atlantis bestrode the world in power and might,

Guiding all the sailors in their travels through the night.

Through victories great, they swiftly grew in pride,

And stoked the rage of the Lord of Wind and Tide.

So the waters rose by Neptune’s great decree,

And the towers of Atlantis were taken by the sea.

But gentle Tethys, whose heart was filled with pity,

Defied Lord Neptune to save that doomed, drowned city.

Into the raging sea, she reached and kept so safe from harm,

The lost souls of Atlantis, she cradled in her arms.

She fled the storm with her precious few,

From violent tempest, to tranquil ocean, Tethys flew.

Till at long last, despite her grief,

She did arrive at a silent, peaceful reef.

Through kindness measured, by graceful hand, she gave them all rebirth,

And planted the Atlantean souls like seeds inside the Earth.

Though centuries past, the lost souls took root and grew.

As living coral ablaze with shocking pink and azure blue.

And they grow there still, so alive with bright and vivid colour,

In praise of Tethys, their kind and gentle seaborn mother.

So when the sun has come to rest and sleeps beneath the tide,

The coral forest beckons, what will you discover, should you care to look inside?