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The Warwick Way

As dedicated educators, our role is to equip our pupils with the knowledge, sensitivity, awareness, confidence and qualifications to realise their true potential, going into today's world fully prepared, as truly rounded human beings with their own contribution to make.

Our belief...

That leading rich and fulfilling lives, following callings and building careers goes hand in hand with valuing, aiming for, and achieving excellent academic qualifications.

Our approach...

We set out to inspire each individual pupil, helping them to find and pursue the interests and aptitudes that will allow them to realise their true potential in their own communities and society as a whole.

Our unique position...

In preparing our pupils for the real world of today, we combine a rich heritage and tradition of the past with an insightful view of the future. With our up-to-the-minute facilities, our past successes and our forward-looking approach we stand tall alongside the finest educational establishments in the world.

Altiora Peto - I seek higher things

Living up to our motto...

Our role, goals, and targets require us to live by a set of guiding principles.

  • We always aim for higher things
  • We always strive to raise standards
  • We set out to inspire
  • We identify and develop talent and aptitude
  • We encourage empathy and an appreciation of our effect on those around us
  • We educate to impart knowledge and develop life skills
  • We send people into the world equipped to succeed as individuals, while having an impact that makes it a better place for others