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Learning Support

At Warwick, we recognise that boys may be able to access an academic curriculum but may need extra help because of a specific learning difficulty - most commonly dyslexia, but we also have boys with dyspraxia and Asperger's Syndrome. The purpose of the Curriculum Support department is to offer support to such boys.

Before boys with a specific learning difficulty take the entrance examination, we ask that parents submit the educational psychologist’s report and we follow the recommendations made in the report. Any necessary adjustments for a candidate sitting the entrance examination are made according to the Joint Council for Qualifications guidelines (JCQ).

Once at the school, boys in Year 7 and Year 8 attend Curriculum Support lessons instead of going to Latin. If the support continues into Year 9 this is usually instead of one of the subject options. Occasionally, boys have CS lessons instead of studying a modern foreign language at GCSE (Year 10 and Year 11).

There is a Curriculum Support record that is circulated to all staff. The record includes the names of all boys known to have a specific learning difficulty, and includes brief notes on each one. If a boy has a Provision Map, a copy is made available to staff via the school’s intranet.


The department has two dyslexia specialists. If a boy’s performance in the entrance exam suggests that he will need support (usually to develop literacy skills) then his offer of a place will specify that he will have Curriculum Support lessons. A Provision Map will be developed and appropriate support will be given.


Boys with dysgraphia are able to type up their work, provided their typing speed is such that they can keep up, and they print off work at home and stick it in their books. We have a number of such boys whose parents have equipped them with a simple word processing tool which can be used with ease in the classroom.

Asperger’s Syndrome 

We have a number of boys who have Asperger's Syndrome. We try to cater for them by making reasonable adjustments, for example advising teachers about what to expect, providing a safe haven at more socially stressful times of day, giving priority lunch passes to avoid the need to queue, etc.

Head of Curriculum Support - Mrs L E Allan