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Supplementary information to aid application

Selection Criteria

The group of athletes involved in the pathway initially will be small and will represent a cross section of sports which boys are involved in within the school. The low numbers are important to ensure the mentoring we can offer is comprehensive and truly beneficial to the boys involved.

We appreciate that some boys will be extremely disappointed if not be selected initially – however we hope they will show the resilience and determination to continue with their development and possibly re-apply to the pathway at a future date after evidence of significant performance improvement.

Dealing with setbacks is a critical skill if they are to go on to become high performing athletes in the future.

We will endeavour to feedback to all those boys not selected and provide them with targets to focus on over the coming months.

Key selection criteria which will be reviewed through the application process:

  • Level of current performance
  • Understanding of performance behaviours / attitudes
  • Application of performance behaviours / attitudes
  • Physical potential
  • References

Key performance attributes

  • Passion for your sport
  • Hunger, commitment & resilience to succeed
  • Self-Organisation
  • Self-Awareness
  • Strong work ethic
  • Attention to detail
  • Physical Potential and Skills
  • Consistency

Potential ‘S+C Testing’ Results

There are a variety of tests you could complete, some of which you would need specialist equipment and coaching to be able to perform, some which you can do at home with no equipment. There may also be completely different tests which you might do regularly as part of your own training.

If you can, choose a couple of tests which you think are most appropriate to display the required attributes for your sport. *Do not worry if these are just done through simple bodyweight tests!

Aerobic/Anaerobic Capacity

1.2km Bronco

Yo-Yo Test

‘Bleep Test’

Cooper (12 min) Test

Double Doggys

10 Pitch Lengths

1km Row

Speed + Agility

40m Sprint


Illinois Agility Test

Strength/Power (Weights 16yrs+)

5 Rep Max – Squat

5 Rep Max – Bench Press

5 Rep Max – Deadlift

Max 1 Leg Squat off a chair (x2)

Standing Broad Jump

Vertical Jump/ Sargent Jump Test

Muscular Endurance (Bodyweight)

Max Press Ups in 1min

Max Sit Ups in 1min

Max Low Plank 

Max Prisoner Squats in 1min