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A Day in the Life

Hector performs as Young Martius 

After two auditions, Hector was selected to share the role of Young Martius in the recent RSC production “Coriolanus”.

After performing as Lester Luggabout in the Junior School play of “Oh What A Knight!”, Hector was asked whether he wished to perform for the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC).  After two auditions, he was selected to share the role of Young Martius in the recent RSC production “Coriolanus”.

“I found it a magical and memorable experience performing in both Stratford and at The Barbican in London. I was very nervous the first time I performed on the main stage in front of such a large audience with so many bright lights shining down. But the more performances I undertook, my confidence grew and I enjoyed expanding the role and interacting with the other actors. The lead actors, Sope Dirisu (Coriolanus), Hannah Morrish (Virgilia) and Haydn Gwynne (Volumnia) - my stage family - made me feel very comfortable and helped me relax into the role."

Hector was introduced to every aspect of creating the play and worked very hard from the start of rehearsals in August through to the end of performances in October. He was particularly intrigued by how the props were made and knowing the whereabouts of the secret Stratford location of the costume department! He learnt to display a range of emotions on cue and to project his voice to the audience while facing elsewhere.

One of the greatest challenges was balancing the rehearsing and performance schedules with his school work and sports. The help of his family, teachers, and school mates enabled Hector to get through the gruelling schedule although he did find the late nights especially challenging.

Hector’s most important learning was that any performance needs great teamwork from many people, not just those lucky enough to be on stage but all those behind the scenes, both on performance nights and in the earlier rehearsals. No part is too small!

Hector’s advice for anyone else wishing to take up acting - "Put yourself forward for any performance or role whether at school or elsewhere."
Hector now has the acting bug. His dream job? The next Bond villain!