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A Day in the Life

First Years head back in time

Junior School First Year boys were lucky enough to be able to visit the archaeological dig that is currently going on within the Project One Campus Site.

Having donned their hard hats and hi-visibility jackets, the boys had a safety talk and then entered the excavations via a turnstile checkpoint. Not knowing quite what to expect, they were amazed to find themselves standing in the midst of a major Roman settlement. Archaeologists were busy at work; digging, mapping, measuring and sketching their finds. Site Project Manager, Mike, explained how the builders had first discovered the remains and that they had to stop their work immediately. Archaeologist, Caroline then showed the boys the remains of the huge Roman barn with exposed stone walls and substantial stone pads for aisle posts that would have supported a massive roof. The well-preserved tile kiln outside the building would have furnished most of the roof material, although they have also found unusual diamond shaped stone tiles. The boys also saw the corn-drying oven and the archaeologist explained how large storage pots had been discovered which may have been used for storing the grain.

The boys were able to handle some of the pottery finds that had only just been dug up and not yet catalogued. It is incredible to think that the last person to handle the pottery was very likely to have been a Roman! The boys proved themselves to be excellent historians and had lots of questions for the archaeologist to answer. Rohan claimed that it was ‘the best History lesson I have ever had!’