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A Day in the Life

Year 6 visit to Blists Hill

Recently our Year 6 boys went to Blists Hill, which is a Victorian town in Shropshire

"When we got there we had our Victorian school lesson where we dressed up as Victorian children. If we had dirty fingernails, or if our shoes were dirty, we got told off. We did our 4 and our 12 times tables. We did this because we were learning about Victorian money. Next we leaned about the apple. We had to draw a diagram of the apple and the inside of it as well. At the end of the lesson we got our chips. Then we went back to a huge open area to have lunch.

"After lunch we had a tour of the Victorian village. There were many Victorian shops including a sweetshop, chemist, post office and bakery. We also visited a candle maker and a carpenter. In the bank we exchanged our money for Victorian money. We also went to the place where you would have lived if you were very poor. 

"On the way out, we changed our money back and then we went to the souvenir shop. We walked out to the car park and then went home. We all had a fabulous time."

Frankie, A-J, Zack and Luc