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Government & Politics

Government and Politics combines well with both the humanities and the social sciences and, therefore, is often studied together with History, Geography and Economics. It can also provide a useful addition to a more scientific combination of subjects since it enables pupils to continue to develop their essay writing skills. Former pupils have often gone onto study Global Relations at university, while many have found the appreciation of both domestic and global law that the course requires a very useful foundation for studying law at university.

Course Specification

A Level

This A Level would suit candidates who are:

  • Interested in both domestic and global current affairs
  • Enjoy essay writing subjects such as History and English
  • Interested in issues connected with Economics and Geography
  • Enjoy studying a subject which is relevant to their own lives and experiences
  • Enthusiastic about understanding more about both domestic and international law

Course Content and Examinations

 A Level Government and Politics will provide you with a sharp and highly developed understanding of developments in both domestic and global politics, together with an appreciation of the political theory that underpins both. Since the course is very reliant on essay writing, students will develop the skill to write well in both timed and extended pieces of work, as well as learning the importance of higher order research skills. The A Level specification comprises three written examinations.

Unit One will focus on UK Politics and include core ideas such as Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism.

Unit Two will then focus on UK Government and involve an investigation of one idea derived from a choice including Anarchism, Ecologism, Feminism, Multiculturalism or Nationalism.

The third unit will involve a detailed study of Global Politics.