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Art & Design

Appreciation of the Arts is central to life at Warwick School and is encouraged and nurtured in every conceivable way. Indeed Creativity is one of the core tenets of the school’s Values and fostering this basic human urge by studying Art is not only satisfying but also endlessly rewarding. A sure sign of how well Art is supported at Warwick School is just how much of it adorns the walls, corridors and classrooms in the school. It is everywhere and shows the pupils’ infinite, joyful curiosity, sense of experimentation, skilful use of materials and, importantly, creativity.

Many pupils study the subject through GCSE, through A Level and beyond either directly with foundation courses at top Universities or indirectly through related subjects such as Architecture, Product design or Advertising. Pupils often submit work to local competitions and exhibitions through Warwick and beyond and enjoy a great deal of success in both.

Course Specification

Year 7 and Year 8 

The subject is compulsory in Year 7 and Year 8, introducing the students to elements of Art, refining their skills and confidence with materials covering ceramic work, drawing, painting and graphics software.

Many students go one to study Art at GCSE and beyond to A Level as well and enjoy the independence and freedom of choosing their own topic areas to focus on.

GCSE and A Level 

We follow the AQA exam board for both qualification with most students opting for the Fine Art endorsement. The Fine Art endorsement allows students to select from a range of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and graphics work. However students with a particular skill or ambition may be entered in separate endorsements including photography or ceramics. Assessment for both GCSE and A Level comprises of a coursework portfolio produced (60%) and an externally set assignment taken at the end or the course (40%). Work is internally marked and externally moderated by the exam board upon completion.