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Warwick School encourages pupils to have curiosity about the world around them and this is pivotal within the study of Psychology. We are discovering the relationship between the mind and behaviour. We are exploring our world from different approaches, such as cognitive, biological and social.

The main topics that are covered in the first year are: memory, attachment, social influence, biopsychology and psychopathology. There is also a focus on research methods, where the pupils will design and conduct their own psychological studies. We will discuss the importance of Psychology and how it can benefit society, for example gaining an insight into obedience to an authority figure and how this can explain horrific historical events, such as the Holocaust.

In the second year the course consists of a current and diverse range of topics that create meaningful debate and insight. This includes, Forensic, Relationships, Gender, Schizophrenia and Aggression.

Psychology is a science A Level subject, but it is unique as it bridges the gap across Science, Maths and English. As such, our pupils go on to study a range of subjects at university. As well as Psychology, courses include Medicine, Law, Politics, Neuroscience and Sports Science.

Course Specification

A Level 

AQA Psychology is offered at A Level, and allows the student to achieve a competence in scientific skills, essay writing, ICT skills, data analysis, team work and research skills. The A Level specification consists of three external examinations of equal weighting (33.3%). Each exam is 2 hours and 96 marks in total. They include multiple choice, short-answer and extended writing.