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Warwick Rotary Club win at Youth Speaks Competition

Warwick Rotary Club were finally able to hold the Youth Speaks competition for the Intermediate scholars (11 -13) that was postponed due to Covid. The competition gives local young people a chance to demonstrate their public speaking skills. The senior competition was held on 2 February and was won by Princethorpe College.

15 March saw Warwick School host the intermediate round. This year just two teams competed, one from Warwick School, and another from King’s High School.

Each team of three members had 15 minutes to present the case for a topic of their choosing. King’s High went first with “this house believes developed countries are morally obliged to fight climate change,” followed by Warwick School arguing that “animals should not be allowed to become extinct”. The annual event gives young people a chance to voice their opinions on topics they feel strongly about and demands significant research, knowledge, and the confidence to present arguments clearly and concisely.

Announcing the team from Warwick School as the winners, head judge Rotarian Jon Wassall commented that all the teams were “winners,” as learning how to speak in public would give everyone an advantage in life. Everyone had prepared well, done their research and engaged with the audience. The results had been very close. Thanks were also due to parents and teachers who supported them through the preparation process.

Both winners and runner-up teams received book tokens from Warwick Books, and all contestants received a Certificate of Participation. Congratulating them, Rotarian Jon Wassall said that he was impressed by the quality of the presentations and wished the contestants well in their future careers.