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Our vision

Our Purpose


To inspire and nurture every pupil to thrive in the world, both now and in the future – the Warwick Way

Our Vision

Warwick School will be the most inspiring, rounded and caring boys’ school in the UK – ‘Altiora Peto’

The Warwick Way

The Warwick Way is what makes us distinctive and special - the beliefs and values that define us.

Boys are at the heart of everything we do. We exist to inspire and nurture them morally, spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially. We want to build on their individual strengths and help them grow into well-rounded young men: confident but not arrogant, who can play a positive role in the world.

We seek to foster:

Curiosity       to ask questions, challenge ideas and think for oneself.
Creativity   to use imagination, without limitations.
Courage   to embrace challenge and always to do what is right.
Perseverance   to keep trying, regardless of the outcome.
Responsibility to create a better world around us.
Humility to listen and respect others and to put them first.                        

To deliver our vision and fulfil our purpose five key priorities were identified to underpin all that we do.