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5. A National Centre for the Arts

"Imagination ….creates beauty, justice, and happiness, which are everything in this world"    Blaise Pascal, French Mathematician and Philosopher

Warwick School enjoys national and international recognition as a beacon of excellence in the arts, connecting our pupils and families with the wider community and with world class arts.

  • Artsmark Flagship status achieved
  • Warwick School Arts Festival firmly established
  • Warwick Town Arts Scheme introduced
  • World class visiting artists at Warwick Hall and the Bridge House Theatre
  • Our ground-breaking partnership with the Orchestra of the Swan

The arts matter because they empower us, inspire us and improve us. They connect people more deeply to the world and open them to new ways of seeing. Participation in the arts fosters social connections, empathy and good health in body and mind. Arts learning improves motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork, whilst providing us with a space and place to tell the story of our lives.

Warwick School and the Foundation as a whole already enjoy an excellent local reputation for its arts provision. There are high participation levels in all the creative arts as well as opportunities to perform at a national level. The school benefits from superb facilities which are further enhanced by the new Warwick Hall, one of the finest school performance spaces in the country.

We seek to build on this reputation such that Warwick School is synonymous with outstanding arts education and the first choice nationally for boys and their families wishing to have the best in arts education.