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Toby's Warwick School Story

I came to Warwick from a small village primary school with zero singing experience, excited to make use of the array of choral and wider musical opportunities that the school has to offer...

In my first week I turned up to a rehearsal for the School Chapel Choir, with little clue that six years later I would be leading it and have a fantastic range of experiences and memories to take away from it. Through the dedication of the choral staff and the help of a fantastic bunch of peers, I developed a love for singing that has seen me sing in some of the most fantastic venues across the country, including St Pauls Cathedral, Kings College Cambridge and the Royal Albert Hall.

This year I take up a Choral Scholarship at Exeter University, and the roots of this success can be attributed to the wider music department whose expertise and will continue to enable pupils to make fantastic musical achievements.

Every pupil has the opportunity to engage with music at the school regardless of ability and experience, and this makes for a department that is a central part of school life. In addition, with the benefit of musical collaboration across the foundation, the school has access to the highest standard of ensemble and solo music making which has produced a reputation for maintaining a professional quality of music.

My time spent at school, however, has not been limited to music. With the time and support provided to pursue many facets of school life, I have been able to play rugby and tennis and find success in my academics alongside my musical commitments.

This has left me with a rounded and extensive group of good friends, with varying interests, who would say much of the same.

I look forward to continuing to be connected to school through the Old Warwickian’s association, and to the demand of a full time Choral Scholarship, knowing that Warwick has given me the values and experience necessary to manage such a responsibility.