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Thomas' Warwick School Story

I’ve been at Warwick Schools Foundation for 13 years, and I am no doubt that there is nowhere else I’d rather have been. From humble beginnings at Warwick Prep School, to being appointed as Head of School in my final year, my story is a testament to everything I’ve learnt, and everything the school has given to me.

Inside these walls, you don’t simply find a place of learning – but a place of all-round development. This, for me, is what makes my experience at Warwick so special - the journey from a nervous Year 7 to an assured young man. Now, more than ever, pupils here have a chance to flourish, and there are so many ways to build key skills for the future. In my completion of the Warwick diploma, I plunged head-first into new experiences, cultures, and learning opportunities - not only did I compete in an essay competition in the subject of my choice, Chemistry, but I also mentored younger students and represented the school in hockey matches.

Recently, we had an Old Warwickians event at the school, and what stuck with me was how much the school has evolved even in the last 10 years.

Even in my time, the number and variety of co-curricular activities has increased, pastoral and wellbeing provisions have improved with a newly renovated wellbeing space, and the 3G pitch has transformed sporting experience. This rapid innovation makes Warwick such an exciting school to attend.

One word that I’m sure you’ve heard that is synonymous with Warwick is ‘opportunity’. We are certainly not short of it here. Quiz, investment banking, gardening, squash, Dungeons and Dragons - this is certainly not a list that you see very often together. But these are all clubs and activities offered at Warwick. There truly is something for everyone. My best advice for anyone coming to Warwick is to get stuck into anything and everything and you’ll surely find a passion that will stick with you for life.

While I could tell you more about our award-winning musicians, excellent sporting opportunities, and incredibly talented teachers, instead what I find most awe-inspiring about Warwick is the amazing sense of community and unity. There is a great buzz about the school, and excitement to learn, and excitement to get involved.

Overall, Warwick is a hub for a truly rounded learning experience which has supplied me and many others with a springboard to further development. We foster a caring community, and when this is paired with the enormous amount fo opportunities available for all across art, music, sport, and more, the school becomes the perfect place for the curious, open-minded, and engaged pupil.